About Us

One Love One Heart Yoga was founded in Beeton by Catherine Clark an Anusara inspired Yoga Student that became a Yoga Teacher in 2008. Catherine started yoga in 2000 and has been on the mat for 19 yrs. Her vision was to bring yoga to the community and focused building a community based yoga studio in Beeton.
The studio has a unique small class vibration and attracts top quality teachers that are down to earth and truly care about your yoga experience.  The studio has hosted two Yoga Teacher Trainings and one was completed in Jamaica in 2017.
Beginner Yogis are our specialty and we love seeing someone that has never stepped on a yoga mat …get so excited that they see the benefits after just one class and a few weeks later they are so into the yoga and can’t get enough.
It’s very important at the studio that we make sure that everyone is feeling welcome here and every body type that means everybody is welcome.  We have classes for everyone with all body types in mind we cater to your needs whether your a seasoned Yoga or brand new yogi just looking to try a class.
We offer classes in Yoga For Round Bodies, we have Therapeutic Yoga Classes for limitations or injuries.   There have been students that have come to the studio and done private yoga sessions  paid for by their insurance companies to help with rehabilitation from Motor Vehicle Accidents and Workplace related Stress.
Our reputation is stellar in the area and people love the hometown feel of One Love One Heart Yoga.  We not only offer Yoga Classes  but workshops on Health and Wellness and we are always bringing  more holistic healing modalities for you to experience at the studio.  The Workshop and News Page can keep you up tp date.
Its our goal to make your Yoga experience the best it can be.  *Happiness is a choice*  and its been the studios motto since it began.
Join us for a great Yoga experience in the small town of Beeton.  One Love One Heart **Lets Get Together and Feel Alright*   Should you have any questions please call or text 905-729-9021

Catherine Clark

Catherine has been practicing yoga since 2000 and in 2008 took a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and has been taking many yoga courses since then focusing on Therapeutic Yoga she is passionate and loves sharing yoga with Beginners to the mat or people that can't attend a regular class due to limitations.

In 2015 the studio hosted its first ever Yoga Teacher Training Program teaching 10 students the Living Your Yoga Teacher Training Program created by Shirlee Williams of Buddha Rider Yoga Studio . Some of those teachers are now teaching at the studio in Beeton and locally at other studios in the area. Very proud of the graduates and their authentic teaching abilities.

The studio opened its doors in 2009, with a vibe of lets get together and feel alright. The studio is known for the core community vibe it provides. The Yoga Teachers are all down to earth and love yoga and want to share their love of yoga and assist you to experience the benefits of yoga on and off the mat. Everyone is welcome, all ages and sizes there are no restrictions and even if you have limitations there is a class for you is our motto.

The studio prides itself on making you feel comfortable from the minute you arrive. We have a great community of beginners and experienced yoga students. So finding a class for your level will be our priority.

Small classes make for a safe practice to learn about yoga, your body and your connection to it. Come out to experience first hand the vibe of a small class where the teacher knows your name and your capabilites and we will help you be the best you can be with living your yoga.

What is really cool is you get to know people in your community and many friendships have formed from this studio. We are all connected and flourish when do connect. Looking forward to meeting you. Namaste

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